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Tara Paredes M.S., D.C.

I'm not necessarily a conventional chiropractor.  I was drawn to chiropractic health care for many reasons.  It is an amazing hands-on mode of health care that I love because it provides support and care for people on many different levels.  And with other health care providers, chiropractic provides a wonderful roundness to our current system of care.  Nutritional counseling is a vital part of that care, and with all of these important tools, and within our health care community, I provide a valuable option for people with pain to find relief and learn how to improve their overall well-being.


My approach to patient care is holistic, and the benefits must always outweigh the risks.  I consider multiple factors that affect your physical well-being including physical stressors, environmental challenges and lifestyle issues. These have profound effects on your health and can challenge your well-being by causing acute and chronic conditions like back and joint pain, weakness, muscular imbalance, inability to participate in activities, and reduced quality of life.  As your chiropractor, can I determine which of these factors are detrimental to your health and work with you to improve them. 

I provide conservative, non-invasive health care to treat these problems: high velocity, low amplitude (HVLA) chiropractic adjusting, joint mobilization, soft tissue therapies and myofascial treatments, muscle re-balancing and muscle energy techniques, and nutritional and lifestyle counseling.  My approach always includes targeted treatment of soft tissues- muscles, tendons, ligaments and fascia- because these structures are vital in joint function, movement and the overall biomechanics of your body.


My passion is to improve your physical health and function with conservative care- before drugs and surgery.  Conservative care for so many  problems like chronic back pain helps to minimize the use of unnecessary drugs and surgeries.  In cases where drugs or surgery are necessary, referrals to competent and caring MDs are very important. Imaging and X-rays are not standard in my office as these carry their own very specific health risks.  However, when patient history and exam reveal the need for such studies and the benefit of their use outweigh the risks, patients are referred for necessary X-rays and imaging.


As your chiropractic doctor, I have a deep understanding of the inextricable link between health and well-being, and enjoyment of life.  Providing care with effective treatments, sound information and reliable resources will guide and empower you to achieve health goals, increase physicallity and enhance your quality of life.



Chiropractic Health Care: Includes paient history and patient exam, diagnosis and treatment.  X-rays and imaging are only required if the exam reveals potential pathology or risks.  In such cases, the patient will be referred for imaging and these costs are not included in the fees below.

Fee Schedule:  New fee schedule begins September 2019

Chiropractic Treatments Include:

1.    Consultation and patient education.

2.    Patient exam.

3.    Treatment plan including:

a.    Chiropractic adjustments/manipulation.

b.   Associated soft tissue manipulation/treatment.

c.    Muscle rebalancing.

d.   Self care and rehab exercises.

e.    Lifestyle support/counseling with nutritional information to support recovery.

Initial Visit: $100* Includes intake, exam and initial treatment.
Follow-up care and continuing care:
20 mins $50*
30 mins $75*
40 mins $100*
50 mins  $125*
60 mins $150* 
*24 hour notice is requested for appointment rescheduling or cancellations.

Payment Questions and Answers:

Q: Do you bill insurance?
A: Not at this time. Payment for services rendered is expected at time of treatment, cash, credit card, Flex Spending.  Financial consideration is given for those who request it.  I am not currently a Medicare provider but I would be happy to speak with you and discuss payment or referral options if you are a patient who is eligible for Medicare.

I believe that everyone deserves great chiropractic health care and I make every effort to provide great care that is affordable and enhances your quality of life!